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A Defense Attorney's Dream! (TM)
Are you a police officer, supervisor or training academy? If so, you may wish to review this definition from Merriam-Webster * Excoriate (verb):  to wear off the skin of, to censure scathingly. Ouch, that just sounds bad. Imagine that happening to you or one of your officers?
Part of my job as a criminal defense investigator is to assist the attorney in developing the facts and providing the witnesses to do so.
Having been in front line law enforcement and supervision I not only understand the rules and regulations, but the culture.
Instead of being the scapegoat of the media or the court, why not learn from me how to prevent this from happening?
The Profitable Process Server
The Profitable Process Server
Looking for a speaker or trainer for you next process server industry conference? How about some continuing education? The Profitable Process Server seminar combines technical skills with marketing advice and systems to ensure your process servers make the most money and are reaching the RIGHT audience. It provides hands on instruction on what to do to increase sales while working smarter. It's a must for any process server business owner.
Past Events
Marketing and Optimizing Your Private Investigator and Process Server Business
2016 Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators (AALPI) and Arizona Process Servers Association (APSA) Tucson Arizona
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