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Dead bodies, dark secrets, DNA and genetic genealogy. Can Olivia identify Jane Doe and her killer without losing herself in the process?

In Concrete Clues Olivia and Lily embark on a thrilling journey of discovery, utilizing the cutting-edge technique of genetic genealogy to solve the baffling mystery surrounding a nameless Jane Doe. As they delve into the depths of her past, they uncover a web of lies, deception, and long-kept secrets.

Set against the backdrop of a tight-knit community, this captivating tale blends the allure of art with the power of science. Olivia and Lily's relentless pursuit of truth takes them on a roller coaster ride through hidden connections, surprising revelations, and high-stakes confrontations.

As the strands of their investigation intertwine, the identity of the Jane Doe begins to emerge, drawing them closer to the heart of the chilling crime.With each breakthrough, the suspense builds, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the shocking truth is finally exposed.

This mesmerizing blend of genetic genealogy and gripping mystery will appeal to fans of both true crime and historical whodunits. Will Olivia and Lily solve the murder and bring justice to the Jane Doe? Find out in this mesmerizing tale of genetic genealogy and the pursuit of truth.

 Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement
How DNA Helps Your Police Agency Clear More Cases, Improve Employee Morale, Enhance Community Relations and Lower Investigative Costs

What if there was a tool that could significantly increase your success rate in solving cold cases and identifying suspects, all while improving morale and enhancing your agency's relationship with the community?

That tool is genetic genealogy, a rapidly evolving field that harnesses the power of DNA to help law enforcement agencies across the country clear more cases, identify suspects, and bring closure to victims and their families.

In "Genetic Genealogy for Law Enforcement," you'll learn how this cutting-edge technology can transform the way your agency approaches investigations, all while enhancing community trust and lowering investigative costs.

From the basics of genetics and genealogy to advanced techniques for analyzing genetic data and building family trees, this book provides a comprehensive overview of genetic genealogy for law enforcement. You'll also learn about the legal and ethical considerations surrounding genetic genealogy, as well as best practices for protecting privacy and maintaining confidentiality.

From one cop to another, I let you know what DNA can do for you, and why it is a must have tool for investigations.

Providing direct, actionable items, this book explains the background of DNA and Genetic Genealogy, describes resources available to you now and the steps to take to start implementing Genetic Genealogy in your police agency today.
Police 101 For The Pro Per Or Pro Se Criminal Defendant
Lesson One: Police Reports

Are you facing criminal charges or worse yet, been arrested and stuck in jail? Have you been convicted and don’t know how this happened? Are you feeling frustrated, confused, and as if there is no one to help? Do you know something is wrong in your case but can’t get anyone to listen, understand or do anything about it?

These questions and the answers to them are at the core of the tips, techniques and examples in the educational and inspiring book, Police 101: For The Pro Per Or Pro Se Criminal Defendant, Lesson One: Police Reports. This book evolved from criminal defense investigator and police expert Christine Burke’s many years work with defendants and defense counsel.

In this book, a first in the series, Burke introduces the various types of police reports that may be included in a criminal case, how they might apply to situations and the different areas of investigation to be considered.

If you, a loved one, or friend has been arrested, or are facing criminal charges, and you want to know more about the police and how they impact a case, this is the book for you.

Making Your First Serve: A Process Server's Guide: What You Need To Know Before You Go 

Want to work as a process server? Learn from experienced process server and business owner, Christine Burke. In this quick how to guide, you will find valuable information on how to make the best client selection, deal with the courts involved, price your services, create the best payment strategies, evaluate documents, know the best time to serve, carry the right tools, stay safe, properly document your serves, and maintain good records. Take hints and tips from someone that has learned the hard way.  Purchase on Amazon

WHY Do You Do THAT?: For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: How Passion, Intention, And Action Drive Success

Do you have a dream for your business? If you want to start a business or you are already an entrepreneur, your WHY is critical to making your dream a reality. Learn how your idea, passion or situation leads to success. It is important to not only share this WHY but use it daily to motivate yourself and build relationships with your customers. Learn from other entrepreneurs and business owners who are changing their lives and following their passion and at the same time helping others.