You know your gut feeling, your intuition, your “something told me”, your “I knew better”?

Yes, that inner voice, the same one that saved me countless times in life threatening situations while working as a police officer. If only I had used it in my personal life too.

Because it’s bad when someone does something against you or hurts you – but it’s 100 times worse when you do it to yourself.

Let that sink in…


Why do we do this?

To be “nice”…

Because this is what you are “supposed” to do…

Because if I speak up or act like my real self, they won’t love me, or worse yet, leave me.

Because I don’t know better…

Because I am afraid!


In short, we violate ourselves and our truth to be what we think others want and we end up losing ourselves one piece at a time.

I was just the other day reminded about the “knowing” of children and dogs. You know what I’m talking about. They will let you know right away if someone has good or bad intentions. And we all had this as little kids and we let it get away.

I’m here to help you Unleash Your Inner Investigator so you can be REAL, be REALISTIC and live life without worrying. When you Unleash Your Inner Investigator you listen to AND trust yourself when the alarm bell sounds. Heck, you may even have to “relearn” how to recognize it. But that’s okay, your trained investigator learns quick and easy ways to identify and filter the B.S. to quit wasting time, make the right decision (for YOU) and move onto something beneficial.

At first it may be scary, like taking your first baby steps. We can crawl and then walk. Soon you’ll be running around exploring all the world has to offer with your trusted protector (YOU) by your side.

I did it and I use her every day, not only in my business but especially in my personal life.

I want the bet for you too and I urge you to Unleash Your Inner Investigator today.

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