Christine Burke Police Law Enforcement Expert Witness

Genetic Genealogist, LE Expert,  Private Investigator

Pursuing Justice One Case At A Time!

Here you can learn about me, what brings me passion, and what I value. 
Where do I begin? I guess it comes down to helping other people and believing that there has to be a way...along with a good dose of, "No is not an option."
This attitude developed during my law enforcement years, being the sole officer out on the road and  having to deal with any situation and figure it out - more often than not, by myself. I got creative with solutions, good at reading people and honed my skills along the way.

I really enjoy an opportunity to use my skills and give of the reasons my work has always been so fulfilling for me. It's crazy and frustrating some times, but a lot of fun too! I'm glad to have you here!

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